V O L U M E N1


V O L U M E N1

It picks up on some universal dance myths for reinterpretation and exploring how they change within the story: the Haka from maori female warriors, Ravel’s Bolero group trance or the murder of a virgin during The Rite of Spring. The performance is built through the tension between two driving forces: the traditional and the contemporary one.

Volumen 1 is a contemporary dance piece, a declaration of our intentions about movement, community, femininity and rite.

Direction, creation and choreography: Mucha Muchacha
Artistic counsel: Celso Giménez and Violeta Gil
Interpreter: Ana Botía, Marta Mármol, Belén Martí Lluch and Marina de Remedios
Lighting Design: Roberto Baldinelli and Mucha Muchacha
Music: Pony Bravo and Esquivel
Costume Design and production: Las Modistillas Flamencas and Mucha Muchacha
Video production: Adrián Cores

Lenght: 30 minutes


  • ‘Programing Award’ at Vancouver Flamenco Festival 2020 and Flamenco Madrid Festival 2020, at 28th Spanish dancing and Flamenco Choreography Contest.
  • ‘Audience Award’ at ‘10 Sentidos’ Choreography Contest 2019.
  • ‘Best Spanish dancing and Flamenco Choreography Award’, ‘Audience Award’ and ‘Nave del Duende Residence Award’ at VI Tetuan Choreography Contest.
  • This piece was included as part of the 13th performance route map published in May 2020 arranged by the Spanish Theatre Network’s Ballet, Dance & Movement Arts Commission. The piece was awarded the ‘R’ (‘Recommended’) seal of quality.