E N DO FY E A RP A R T Y2 0 1 9


E N DO FY E A RP A R T Y2 0 1 9

In June, 2019 Mucha Muchacha held the ‘Ending Course Party’ as an activity to pave the return to ‘Conde Duque’ cultural center community in Madrid within ‘A Gatas 2019’ creative residence programme.

In an attempt to keep on working from the same routemap as ‘Autumn Party 2018’ the company arranged an encounter with a group of 25 women to share choreographic resources, this time inspired by Malaga’s ‘Verdiales’ as the main focus of the research conducted during that creative residence. Results were again as energetic and celebratory as anticipated and the main theme dealt with the possibilities to translate traditional folklore to contemporary practices.

Mucha Muchacha still offers the ‘Party-Workshop’ format hoping to see how the seeds of that October 2018 grow and is currently interested in fostering those women encounters.

Video production: Alván Prado
Photography: María Alperi